Worcester County Business Records (Massachusetts)

Search for Worcester County, MA business records. Business records include business permits, business licenses, business ownership information, complaints, investigations, lawsuits, accounting records, charters, meeting minutes, memoranda, and business investigation records.

Worcester County Clerk's Offices maintain public records for the Worcester County or local government. As part of their responsibilities, Clerk's Offices also keep Worcester County business records. These records can include Worcester County business permits and licenses, business taxes, accounting records, public meeting minutes, and memoranda, as well as any complaints made about the business. Clerk's Offices in Worcester County, MA may also have records on business ownership and the history of the business. Business records can be requested online through the Clerk's Office website.

Athol Town Clerk Athol MA 584 Main Street 01331 978-249-4551

Auburn Town Clerk Auburn MA 104 Central Street 01501 508-832-7701

Barre Town Clerk Barre MA 40 West Street 01005 978-355-5003

Berlin Town Clerk Berlin MA 23 Linden Street 01503 978-838-2931

Boylston Town Clerk Boylston MA 221 Main Street 01505 508-869-2234

Charlton Town Clerk Charlton MA 37 Main Street 01507 508-248-2249

Clinton Town Clerk Clinton MA 242 Church Street 01510 978-365-4154

Dudley Town Clerk Dudley MA 71 West Main Street 01571 508-949-8004

Fitchburg City Clerk Fitchburg MA 718 Main Street 01420 978-345-9592

Gardner Parking Clerk Gardner MA 95 Pleasant Street 01440 978-632-3810

Gilbertville Town Clerk Gilbertville MA 307 MAIN St 01031 413-477-6700

Grafton Town Clerk Grafton MA 30 Providence Road 01519 508-839-4722

Harvard Town Clerk Harvard MA 13 Ayer Road 01451 978-456-4103

Holden Clerk Holden MA 1204 Main Street 01520 508-829-0225

Hopedale Town Clerk Hopedale MA 78 Hopedale Street 01747 508-634-2211

Hubbardstown Town Clerk Hubbardston MA 7 Main Street 01452 978-928-5244

Lancaster Town Clerk Lancaster MA 695 Main Street 01523 978-365-2542

Leicester Town Clerk Leicester MA 3 Washburn Square 01524 508-892-7011

Millbury Town Clerk Millbury MA 127 Elm Street 01527 508-865-9110

New Braintree Town Clerk New Braintree MA 100 Oakham Road 01531 508-867-4952

Northbridge Town Clerk Northbridge MA 7 Main Street 01588 508-234-2001

Petersham Town Clerk Petersham MA 5 East Street 01366 978-724-6649

Royalston Town Clerk Royalston MA 5 School St 01368 978-249-0493

Rutland Town Clerk Rutland MA 250 Main Street 01543 508-886-4104

Spencer Town Clerk Spencer MA 157 Main St 01562 508-885-7500

Sturbridge Town Clerk Sturbridge MA 308 Main Street 01566 508-347-2510

Sutton Town Clerk Sutton MA 4 Uxbridge Road 01590 508-865-8724

Templeton Town Clerk Templeton MA 4 Elm Street 01436 978-939-8466

West Boylston Town Clerk West Boylston MA 140 Worcester Street 01583 508-835-6240

West Brookfield Town Clerk West Brookfield MA 2 East Main Street 01585 508-867-1415

Westboro Clerk Westborough MA 186 Oak Street 01581 508-366-1204

Winchendon Town Clerk Winchendon MA 109 Front Street 01475 978-297-2766

Worcester City Clerk Worcester MA 455 Main Street 01608 508-799-1121

Worcester County Clerk Worcester MA 225 Main Street 01608 508-831-2000

Worcester County Archives collect and preserve documents and other records that have historic value. Many archives are housed within libraries or even private businesses, and they may contain Worcester County business records. These records can include charters and founding documents, meeting minutes, contracts, accounting records, Worcester County business permits and licenses, and business policies. Some businesses run their own archives, or provide historical business records to an archive for preservation. Archives may provide online access to their business records.

Lancaster Vital Records Archive Lancaster MA 695 Main Street 01523 978-365-2542

Worcester Death Records Archive Worcester MA 455 Main Street 01608 508-799-1121